N95 Style Mask; Created with two layers of high-weave cotton.

The choice of ties includes cotton ties that go around the head, adjustable elastic and silk cording ($1+).

Nose bridges if needed ($1+).


My mother was a Bad Ass (BA) Federal Prosecutor for the Federal Government for 36 years before her death.  She taught me at a very early age that Sandra Day O'Connor was a woman to look up to for strength in adversity, intelligence, and skill.  I am very grateful for the women that have come before me and the women that lift me up. - Laura



BA Justices

  • We recommend washing all masks in cold water as to not fade or shrink the fabric.  The CDC recommends drying on the highest setting.  We do not recommend this for our masks.  Please use their guidance on hang drying or drying in sunlight.