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What Size Should I Buy?

Unlike other mask makers, DB&P offers flexible sizing for nearly all of our fabric choices. We always have, and we have been pretty successful pairing all sorts of faces with our masks. That said, every face is sized and shaped differently, with different sized noses and ears, and where those sit on your head. It would be impossible for us to advise our customers on appropriate sizing with 100% accuracy without having you try masks on in person. And, if it were safe to meet us in person to try on masks, you wouldn’t any need to buy one anymore! So, our sizing guide is really just our best-educated guess at what will fit you and your loved ones. DB&P cannot accept returns, for obvious reasons, so please carefully consider our descriptions and feel free to reach out to us directly through this web site to discuss sizing if you are unsure. 


We offer mask sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE. 


  • XLarge:  T-shirt Size XL - XXXL; Guys with a large amount of facial hair please use this....

  • LARGE: Adult T-shirt Size M-L

  • MEDIUM: Adult T-shirt Size S and kids 5Y/0 - 8 Y/0

  • SMALL: Little kid sizes, 4-year-old and younger.  No adult fits this size.

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